Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wedding Cake!

It took two weeks, 1.5 kilos of flour and sugar, 3 kilos of butter 5 kilos of icing sugar and 8 kilos sugar paste but this was the finished wedding cake I made for my friend's wedding which was last Saturday. Myself and Mr. Tarts carried it down Norwich to Maidenhead in what I can only describe as the most tense train journey I have even been on, but it got there in one piece, with both of us slightly worse for wear. Unfortunately we had to leave to catch the train back before either of us got to taste it which was slightly disappointing, but I've been promised some slices by the bride.

I'm rather pleased with myself, having never made anything like it. I even learnt how to make the sugar roses which are on the top.

Now that it's completed, I'm not quite sure how to fill my days now.

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