Sunday, 23 August 2009

Garden Update

I hadn't been out in the garden much over the past week but to my surprise and delight when I went to go and tend to it yesterday this was waiting for me:

Yes, after much waiting the aptly named 'Gardener's Delight' cherry tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen. Perhaps it's a bit sad, but it was cause for much excitement. Although not ripe by a long way yet, the mystery tomato plants donated to me by a friend at work are a mystery no longer, betrayed by their rounded bell shape, they are apparently plum tomatoes. Lucky, as this means that I have a lovely mix of salad and cooking tomatoes. I can't wait to make a rich ragu with chunks of beef and vine ripened tomatoes picked just minutes before they're in the pot.
The beetroot tops are so colourful that despite the fact that they're a lovely salad leaf, I can't bear to cut even a few off.
The beetroot and radish are next to each other but unfortunately the radish tops (below) became a nursery to hundreds, and I mean hundreds of cabbage white caterpillars. Being the soft hearted type I left most of them to it.

It's no great loss. The humble radish isn't one of my favourites, and at any rate the caterpillars have restricted themselves to the tops, leaving the lurid purple roots untouched. This picture really doesn't do justice to the colour of these radishes. It nicely illustrates another reason to grow your own veg, ie. you can grow stuff that a supermarket would never stock.

Finally, I managed to find a slightly better picture of the wedding cake I made before we packed it up. Still can't quite believe I made that.

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