Sunday, 4 July 2010

TSR Bakers' 1st Monthly Bake- Black Magic Cake

Chocolate cake and I have always had an unhappy relationship. I'd like to think I'm a fairly accomplished baker, but a good chocolate cake has always alluded me. Photos in cookbooks always show a dense, fudgey cake, glistening and beautiful, but when I make it, it looks like a brick and makes you cough dust.
Therefore, considering my record, Black Magic cake may indeed be magical. Dense, moist and wonderful, I highly recommend it. Even before icing it looked amazing.

Frost it with whatever you wish, but to me, a glossy cake like this deserves ganache. To make ganache heat 200ml of cream and 220g of chocolate, I used half milk and half dark to make a semi-sweet ganache.

Decorated with some sugarpaste stars and you have a magic cake.

Recipe can be found here:

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